Vacuuming Trends and Blunders You Ought To Know

Everyone knows that using a vacuum cleaner is not rocket science, but surprisingly there are mistakes that people make each and every time which hinder them from fully optimizing the power of their vacuum cleaners. Since your end goal is a clean house and vacuuming is the mode you have chosen to achieve this, below are some of the mistakes you must avoid for a thorough job.

Delays in Emptying the Bag

Vacuum cleaners have a built-in mechanism that tells you if the bag is full and you have to empty it. However, you should not rely on the indicator light, but rather keep on checking the bag and emptying it in time. As a rule of thumb, you should empty the bag when it is at least three quarters full. In case you are using a bagless vacuum, check the dust cups.

Vacuuming in One Direction Only

For the best results, you should vacuum in both directions. If you make a mistake and vacuum in one direction only, you could be leaving behind a lot of dust. In fact, vacuuming is to be done in all directions; north, south, east and west so that every trace of dust particle is done away with.

Vacuuming Too Fast

While it is logical for you to vacuum quickly because that is the reason you purchased a vacuum cleaner, being too quick may again cause you to leave a lot of dust behind. Even if you are in a hurry, take time in vacuuming so that you concentrate on dirt removal in all the corners and spaces.

Vacuuming slowly also has the advantage of enabling you to fully use the brushroll of your vacuum more effectively. This is because slow motion allows you to reach even the embedded dirt that is hidden in your carpets.

Failure to Use Vacuum Attachments

Your vacuum cleaner comes with a lot of attachments and tools such as brushes and a crevice tool. This ensures you get the best possible results out of your vacuuming exercise. When you properly use these attachments, you will not only easily accomplish above the floor cleaning, but also access and clean some of the areas that are typically overlooked such as accessories, light fixtures, and lampshades.

Not Adjusting Height

There are a lot of reasons why vacuums are adjustable. The flooring in homes is not the same and that which works best in carpeting may not necessarily replicate the success on laminate flooring. There are some vacuums in the market that automatically adjust in response to the cleaning task they are on, but some do not and hence the need to adjust.

Using Dirty Filters

The purpose of filters in vacuum cleaners is to trap dirt and dust and this prevents particulate matter from clogging your vacuum system. Where these filters are clogged, they may not be effective in getting rid of dirt, dust, and other allergens. It’s recommended that you change your filters every 6 months on the minimum so that their efficiency is not compromised.

Clean your carpet regularly and don’t wait until it is dirty because the vacuuming process can be difficult and also you may expose your family to allergens that cause breathing problems.


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